To "green" economy, Kazakhstan needs to spend 3-4 billion dollars annually

Within the next 20 years in Kazakhstan there will be an essential updating of infrastructure. 55% of buildings and 40% of power plants will be built from scratch by 2030. The transport park of the republic will be updated for 80% by 2030.
In Almaty two-day conference at which representatives of the ministries of five countries of the Central Asian region share the plans of real actions for prevention of global warming takes place. Officials from ecology solve a difficult problem – to prepare the document which will be considered in new version of the Kyoto Protocol of 2015.

Kazakhstan promises updating and gardening of economy
– Kazakhstan accepted a course on green economy, – the representative of the Ministry of Energy of RK Zerza Samenova said. – The volume of investment necessary for transition to green economy will make about 1% of GDP that is equivalent to 3-4 billion dollars a year.
Within the next 20 years in Kazakhstan there will be an essential updating of development of infrastructure.

– 55% of buildings and 40% of power plants by 2030 will be built from scratch, – Zerza Samenova speaks. – More than 80% of motor transport of the republic by 2030 will be new.




V. Shkolnik: Kazakhstan has serious intentions on growth of renewable sources of energy

On January 21 in Abu Dhabi in St.Regent hotel the 5th session of Assembly of the International agency on renewable energy of IRENA began to work.
The Republic of Kazakhstan, showing high interest in development of renewable sources of energy, is the vice-president of the current IRENA session. Our country at a representative forum is represented by delegation headed by the Minister of Energy of RK Vladimir Shkolnik.

Addressing participants of session of Assembly of IRENA, V. Shkolnik emphasized that "in spite of the fact that Kazakhstan is the power sufficient country, need to develop pure technologies, pure power for decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases and other polluting substances exist".

"Covering the internal requirements, we export oil, gas, coal, uranium. However, today, having high potential of RES, we have serious intentions on growth of renewable sources of energy", - he told.

B. Shkolnik reported that the Concept of transition to "Green economy" and the law on support of RES are accepted in Kazakhstan, the fixed tariffs for RES are approved.

"Thus, in Kazakhstan a lot of work on improvement of a legal framework for involvement of investors in this sphere is carried out. It is known that Kazakhstan won the right of holding the international specialized exhibition "EXPO-2017" in Astana. The scope of the Energy of the Future exhibition imposes huge responsibility on us not only before the country, but also before the international community. Therefore, we invite you to be active participants in a preparatory work to the EXPO, and further - and participants of the AEKSPO-2017 exhibition", - V. Shkolnik concluded.




Development of wind power in Kazakhstan

By the results of negotiations in Prague (the Czech Republic), Agreements with the Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group Company are reached upon development of projects in wind power in Kazakhstan. According to the signed Agreement Parties agreed about construction  of wind power stations in Kazakhstan. The choice of the region of placement will be depends on indicators of measurements of a wind. The following appointment on consideration of projects on wind farms will be held on December 22-26, 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



MTS will declare start of own satellite television

At the Week of the Russian Internet conference which was hold on November 12 the MTS company will declare start of own satellite platform. MTS will become the first operator of "the big three" who will have own satellite TV.



The television package from MTS will include some channels, including National Geographic, Discovery, Paramount, Fox, channels in foreign languages, including French, German, popular sports and children's channels, and also regional versions of channels. According to the press service of RBK, the user will receive also a prefix from MTS through which it is possible to watch HD channels and to go on-line, to watch exchange rates and a road condition (Yandex. Traffic jams is included).


New service can be connected to the Home Internet by means of Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and to OTT services – to the postponed viewing (Catch-up TV), video by inquiry (to VOD, Video on demand). Satellite HD prefixes support possibility of record on removable USB carriers, function of a pause (TimeShift) and the built-in media player for viewing of video, a photo, listening of audio-content. Clients of satellite TV from MTS in a basic package will be able to look through 160 channels at the price of 1200 rub a year (from 100 rub a month). It will be possible to pay services via the built-in SIM card.Investments into the project will make about 5 billion rubles in the period of 2014-2016. The main sum was enclosed this year, funds are allocated for rent of the satellite channel, purchase of the subscriber and operator equipment, construction of land infrastructure (head station, a teleport, etc.), according to the press secretary of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov.

So, MTS can become the operator of satellite television, as RBK reported in July. The Federal contest committee at Roskomnadzor declared competition on the right to carry out satellite telecasting with use of strips of radio frequencies in the ranges of 17,3-18,1 GHz and 11,7-12,5 GHz at the end of May. The size of a competitive contribution was determined in 1,8 million rubles that makes 2% of the sum which the winner – 90 million rubles will have to pay at a time.Now MTS within the Mobile TV project offers more than 100 channels for viewing on smartphones and tablets and as the operator of broadband Internet access provides also services "Home TV", on which well to more than 90 channels.


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Order of the Minister of Energy No. 3 from 19.08.2014

On August 28, 2014 the Order of the Minister of Energy No. 3 from 19.08.2014 "About definition of the list of necessary documents for inclusion of the power making organizations in the list of the power making organizations using renewables" is registered. Stay in this list is necessary for the conclusion of the contract for sale of electric energy with Accounting Financial center.

Meeting with the Chairman of the Board of directors of "Association of Renewable Energy Industry of Kazakhstan"

On August 22, 2014 the meeting with the Chairman of the Board of directors of "Association of Renewable Energy Industry of Kazakhstan" Mr. Baymukhanov B. was held.
At a meeting questions of further development of legislative base of Kazakhstan regulating questions of alternative power "green" engineering were discussed. Besides, questions of change of the legislation regarding creating favorable conditions for expansion of use of electric transport in Kazakhstan were brought up.

Resolution № 878 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August, 5, 2014

By the resolution No. 878 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 5, 2014 it was approved 1. standard forms of contracts of purchase by accounting financial center of electric energy at the power making organization using renewable energy sources, for the fixed tariffs and the tariffs which are not exceeding level of selling price, established in approved and coordinated with authorized or local executive body of the feasibility study on the construction project of object on use of renewable energy sources,
2. sales by accounting financial center to conditional consumers of the electric energy made by objects on use of renewable energy sources.

New authorized body in the field of "green power industry"

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 875 from August 6, 2014, all functions and powers in the field of formation and realization of a state policy in the sphere of protection, control and supervision of rational use of natural resources, addresses with solid household waste, developments of renewable energy sources, control of a state policy of development of "green economy" are transferred from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Rules of the centralized purchase and sale were approved in Kazakhstan

Rules of the centralized purchase and sale were approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 876 from August 5, 2014 by accounting financial center of the electric energy made by objects on use of renewables.
Rules determine an order and imprisonment terms of the contract of purchase of electric energy by accounting financial center by support of renewables, the list of necessary documents, establish obligations for terms of the beginning of installation and construction works and object acceptance for operation on use of renewables.
Also rules established an order of sale by accounting financial center of the electric energy made by objects of RES to conditional consumers.

Shunfeng Group

On May 30, 2014, our company became the official representative of the group of companies Shunfeng Group ( on the construction of solar power plants in Kazakhstan. The estimated total nominal power of plants is about 600-700 MW.


Kazakhstan - a summary.

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia in the heart of the Eurasian continent and the land area (over 2.7 million square meters. Km.) Is the ninth largest in the world.

Kazakhstan has a population of more than 100 ethnic groups totaling more than 14.8 million people.


Let there be light! Or not?

Power industry in Kazakhstan is on the verge of crisis. If you do not take immediate action to restructure the industry, then in the near future Kazakhstan will again be forced to buy candles and lanterns, as it was in heavy 90s. In order to avoid power shortages, and, according to some experts, it can start as early as next year, the industry until 2015 to invest about 2.8 trillion tenge. Now the growth of energy consumption in the country is 5.6% per year. At the same time each year with the growth of consumption and the growing deterioration of the regional electric grid equipment networks. Today it is over 65%.


End of the world will not, or one and a half billion investment

LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" soon move to a new, modern level of electricity supply Karaganda. The first step in this direction will be made May 1, 2008, when the company will start the five-year medium-term rate, which will allow power companies to carry out the implementation of the investment program of electrical networks.


Experts call corruption as one of the problems

Experts call corruption as a problem for the development of the legal services market in Kazakhstan.

Describing the overall legal market of the country, experts say that he now fully formed, having acquired and developed sufficiently branched structure.


When RECs will flow back

Herman Nurbaev offers unprecedented thing - to unite all gorvodokanaly in a single company? Otherwise, I'm sure well-known Kazakh lawyer and manager, very soon in our country there acute water crisis. And in general, in his opinion, inadequate infrastructure is a major obstacle in the way of Kazakhstan one of the 50 most developed countries of the world.


Investment tax preferences and businesses

Investment tax preferences and water utilities and sanitation.

 Our company has made an offer to LLP "Water-Marketing" (hereinafter Shymkent water utility), an organization of the water management system in Kazakhstan, legal support of the project, in which the planned filing in the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (hereinafter referred to as the authorized body) to earn investment tax preferences.


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